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Game projects

Matchbreaker: The Hating Simulator

Sick of dating sims? Get ready for a one-of-a-kind rhythm game HATING sim rhythm game!
A game jam submission, currently continuing it's development post-jam. I developed all of the main character concepts, sprites, and animations, as well as the title logo and some other in-game items.


Seija awakens in a dark and strange place. Before her is a reflection wrapped in flowers. Is this a dream? Or a nightmare of self-doubt and uncertainty?
A bullet hell made in collaboration with the Supkal Games group. In here I created and animated all the character sprites and other projectile assets.

Siege of Stamplands

Wielding the power of ink and clichés, defend Stamplands from the Eraser Kingdom!
A tower defense game made for the Game Off 2022 Game Jam in collaboration with the
Supkal Games group. In this project I developed and animated all the characters, as well as worked on the social media banners/marketing assets.
This game was chosen as #8 in the Indie Category for the Month of March, as well as a Finalist for the fan choice game jam category at the Game Developer World Championship for 2022.

Phantom Hallows Eve

The number-one destination for seasonal spooks and delights!
A project made for the 2022 Autumn Game Jam in collaboration with the
Supkal Games group.
Here, I was able to create the main logo, concepts for the main characters, as well as their sprite/dialogue avatars, and some of the other assets used throughout the game.
cleo idle.gif

Poppy's MyPlate Adventure

An educational runner game for Husky Sport and Nutrition at the University of Connecticut. Focused on teaching children nutritional health.
Throughout this project, I led through most of the game development process, as well as worked on assets/icons, and buttons.