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About Me

Animation, Illustration, Design.
Hello! My name is Paula Guerrero. I am a  graduate of the Digital Media Design Program at the University of Connecticut with a concentration in Motion Graphics.
My main goal is to create and design projects that both express creativity and encourages the representation of my identity.

I was born in Quito, Ecuador, and moved to Stamford, US when I was around 9 years old.
This huge change has become a large part of who I am and what my identity is. As such, a large focus on my projects tackles identity both explicitly, and implicitly in my designs. As an Ecuadorian creator, I wish to represent those that do not often appear in such spaces!


OFFICIAL SELECTION - Frame by Frame Film Fest - 2021 (1).png
FT Sessions Official Selection (B).png
FINALIST AND HONORABLE MENTION - Student World Impact Film Festival - 2022.png

Student World Impact Film Festival 2022

Project Gatcha! selected as Honorable Mention in the finals from over 8000 submissions from 120 countries.

SCREAM IT OFF SCREEN: Official Selection July, August 2022

Project Gatcha! selected for animation showcase at the festival.

Lift-off Global Network:

First-Time Session Filmmakers 2022

Project Nena selected for animation showcase at the festival.

Frame-By-Frame Film Festival 2021

Project Nena selected for animation showcase at the festival.

International Children's Art Exhibition 2017

Work selected to showcase the school's creative connections partner of the year.

International Children's Art Exhibition 2018

Work selected to showcase at the International Children's Art Exhibition at Norwalk, CT.

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